Frequently asked questions

Actually, we go one step further!

The software interface is fully “responsive” (in other words, it adapts automatically to fit different screen sizes) and you get access to all the same features.

In other words, you don’t need a mobile application to access via mobile or tablet. Simply open your usual browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Edge and more) and visit your login page (

You can also create a shortcut on your phone’s home screen to access it more easily.

Already over 10 years!

PHPCreation started out as a custom software development firm. We began to focus on ERP systems in 2008 and eventually realized that it was possible to standardize at least a part of the software to make it more flexible, more adaptable and more affordable to more businesses. PHPReaction is more than just a nifty anagram, it’s also a new, modular approach.

As you will see throughout the website, you can select those areas of your business you wish to improve and taylor your own PHPReaction package.

At this point, more than 100 businesses rely on PHPReaction every day, some of those since the first versions of our suite, 6 years ago.

And we still develop training programs and customized software for those who need to achieve even more performance. Sometimes your business is so unique that the software just isn’t available for it yet, that’s where PHPCreation comes in.

Thanks to the simplicity of the system, many clients make their implementation without requiring our intervention. However, over the years we have made over 20 custom implementations. The objective of the implementation is to guide users through the system so they can make the most of its possibilities.

This reduces the risk, associated costs and time required. Custom implementations typically include several steps to successfully complete the project:

•    Consultation to clearly identify the objectives and needs
•    Comparisons between the current situation, future situation and long-term goals of the company
•    Business process planning to match the software
•    Initial system setup to make you save time and to have optimal results
•    Assistance test everything and make sure it all runs swiftly (Dry run)
•    Plan changes and establish an action plan
•    Programming to customize and specialize your solution.
•    Data migration and conversion
•    Documentation of procedures for users.
•    Assistance during the final implantation (Go Live)
•    User support

This is an excellent question.

Our systems are designed to be easy and quick to implant. Allow about 1 month per selected software. Of course, many factors influence the time:

•    The initial preparation;
•    The focus of the company;
•    The availability of responsible persons of the project;
•    The complexity of the operation;
•    The number of users.

We take security seriously:
•    You can limit each user’s rights and access in order to protect your business information;
•    We use several security standards from the banking industry (among the most rigorous in the world);
•    Your system is running on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which we include at no extra charge!

PHPReaction’s software is web-based and runs on the “cloud”.

You simply need to type your private address ( and log in with your credentials.

You can sign in from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection without having to install anything.

Not at all. Your subscription is monthly and you can cancel it anytime.
You can also add or remove users or services whenever you want and your account will be updated for the following month.

It’s not unlimited, but it’s… well, big enough (we think): Current limit is 4,294,967,295 users/items/transactions.
If you ever reach that limit, we will be more than happy to examine various solutions with you.

Nope. This is a business management system called an “ERP” (Enterprise resource planning).

The most important differences between an ERP and an accounting software are:

•    Management systems are designed to be simple and used by multiple users;
•    This can be used to plan and monitor in real time, unlike the accounting software that focuses on the past;
•    Thanks to several reports, it is complementary to your accounting software.