J’Entreprends la Relève

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Our corporate mission is to educate and to inspire the up-and-coming generation, to help them understand what it means to be an entrepreneur.  We’re giving them an opportunity  to not only learn how a business works, how it’s affected by the economy, but also to develop the personal qualities needed to become a successful entrepreneur and leader

The challenges:

  • Centralizing critical information regarding contacts, clients, suppliers, partners and the students themselves
  • Devising a way to be able to follow up on several different invoicing systems through different schools and different teams
  • Developing a set of standards for invoicing for a number of disparate products and services
  • Assisting in project management and time management, as well as assessing the profitability of different financing initiatives
  • generating payroll for a growing number of employees

The results:

… we’re still working on this section

Karine Cotnoir – J’Entreprends la Relève

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