PHPReaction SAAS environment

From $400/year for up to ten (10) concurrent users

Specialized PHPReaction SAAS environment

For more advanced hosting.

Starting at $1000/year for up to ten (10) concurrent users.

Dedicated environment

For larger companies, you can have your own dedicated cloud computing environment.

Contact us to assess your needs.

Additional disk space

Your first 10GB is free.

Thereafter, the costs are $0.25/GB/month per 10GB, including related data transfer costs.

Local Server/On-Premise/On-Promise

It is not excluded to install a server on site.

Local servers are much more expensive than cloud solutions.

In addition, you are responsible for the operation of it.

  • You must buy a server that has a maximum lifespan of 3 years
  • Carry out at least 2 annual maintenances
  • Support breakage/wear with a technician
  • Plan for service interruptions
  • Configure backups of your data
  • Set up a disaster plan specific to your environment.
  • Provide a VPN connection to PHPCreation
  • Provide set-up/installation costs
  • Expect annual update fees

This must be installed as a Black box.

Contact us to assess your needs.

Server used

Amazon Web Services ”AWS”

With Amazon Web Services “AWS”, we work with

  • the best provider available by offering enterprise-grade hosting!
  • technology from Canada!
  • servers that support the best web technology. [Technology link]

AWS Service Concentration

Here are the four (4) AWS services we have chosen: [AWS Service Logo]

  1. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) allows us to obtain the necessary Virtual Private Server (VPS) instances.
  2. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) allows us to obtain the databases (Databases)
  3. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) allows us to maintain access to servers continuously and securely
  4. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) allows us to securely back up files.

We are thus well equipped to offer you all the space you will need, without compromising safety or performance!


Here are articles that support our choice in favor of AWS:

  1. Why AWS dominates the cloud services market
  2. “Amazon Web Services (AWS) maintained its position as the king of cloud Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers.”


Maximization of Cloud Computing Technologies / Cloud Computing / Cloud Computing

Our systems make full use of the Cloud!

It allows

Here are some advantages:

  • Your applications are constantly working: they are present on several servers!
    Using a Network Load Balancer
  • Orchestration system: Automated deployment with checkpoint process! Moreover, this one is not limited
  • Orchestration system: So this one is not limited to a single vendor.
    • For example, the use of AWS, OVH, Azure, Rackspaces…

The other solution is the Up scale. The latter makes it possible to enlarge the server, but the gain is not necessarily proportional to the resource.


Using Standard APIs

The use of standard API gives us the possibility of using another interface that the AWS S3 service would not provide for file management.

For example: MS Azure, Google Drive, Dropbox, SFTP…

Database doubled to avoid any interruption

  • In addition, updates to the database system are done without service interruptions!

Email management

MailGun is a service specialized in sending e-mail.

  • Use in API form
  • Increases sending performance
  • Tracking and error handling, resends up to 5 times in the next 48h
  • Allows us to easily track email history.
  • Increases the quality of the message so as not to be perceived as SPAM

Automated deployment

In order to provide you with a constantly evolving application [Link], we have several updates per month.

To save time, we have automated the majority of the necessary processes.

Thanks to Jenkins, our Continuous Integration / Continuous Integration “CI” server, it is possible for us to have continuous deployments / Continuous delivery “CD”:

  1. Updated source codes for all projects
  2. Prepare new project images
  3. Perform automated tests
  4. Make backup copies of data
  5. Perform database updates and data migrations (Data Migration & Schema Migration)
  6. Put the new images in production / online


With Virtualization by containerDocker” we offer the best virtualization technology and we are not dependent on any hardware.

We develop and test in exactly the same technologies and versions that are found in the production environment so we are able to prevent most problems and reproduce them effectively.

We chose Docker because it is:

Additional information: “Why Docker”

Rancherorchestration system for virtualization “Kubernetes” standardized to manageDocker” containers

Kubernetes usage is the most used at 43%


Thanks to TerraForm our network infrastructure is easily manageable despite frequent changes.

Our requests for servers and configurations are scheduled.

This allows it to be modified, built and rebuilt on demand.

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