Nothing is more unpleasant than having trouble reaching the technical team when a problem or question arises. This is why we want to put you in direct contact with competent resources at all times.

  • Parlez à un membre de notre équipe de vive voix :
    • Du lundi au vendredi de 9h00 à 16h00
    • 24/7 pour les urgences (frais supplémentaires)
  • Posez vos questions spécifiques
  • Signalez un problème en ligne
Services / Plans 1. Limité 2. Base 3. Classique 4. Pro 5. Premium

Support plans

This is why we offer you our different support plans. Here you have the full list of our plans with their price per month and the access you have for each level.

Each support level has access to the services of the previous level. For example, if you have the basic level, the communication covered is by phond, but also by email and by web forms and tickets.
But, take note that you will not have access to levels higher than yours, if higher level, there is.

1. Limited 2. Basic 3. Classic 4. Pro 5. Premium
Suggested for client :
Tester & Developper
For small enterprise production workload For entreprise production workload
For large enterprise production workload For large enterprise missions critical workload
Pricing (Cost et fee) per month
Initial response time
72h, durant les heures d’ouverture
48h, durant les heures d’ouverture 24h, durant les heures d’ouverture 24h
Support channels

* Always access to the online documentation & general FAQ
* All services use “Intervention time”
Web Form & Tickets
 Web meeting & SMS
Live Training & Live Chat

*Specific Enterprise Documentation & FAQ

Intervention time
* Calculated in tranche of 5 mins
* Product defect are unlimited
*3 User role change included per month (using the request form)
Longer task will be managed by “Development process”
To accelerate the process you need a valid & open development hours bank
0 * Eligible to Honor System request
3 * limited to 1 (5 mins)
9 * limited to 3 (15 mins)
27 * limited to (30 mins)
99+ *unused time could be transfered to next month.
Subject limitation
Defect product only
Product only
Specific questions & General best practice Business context (with reproduction) Business process
Delay of support 10 open business days
10  businness days
7 days
5 days
3 days
Hours of support Open business hours
Extended hours start at 8:00 until 18:00 4 (Week days Excluding Friday) Extended hours start at 7:00 until 20:00 4 (Week days Excluding Friday) 24/5 (Week days Excluding Friday)
T24/7 Always on
Urgency support services


When you need service in the next 24h, hours are considered as an urgency

Costs review :

  • 400$/h. Minimum : 1h.
  • Team mobilization : 400$/h. Minimum : 3h
Pay per usage
Pay per usage *Reducing fee 50% on “Hours of support”
Pay per usage *Reducing fee 50% on “Hours of support” Pay per usage *Reducing fee 50% Alway
Down time importance consideration
Minor system
Major system Severe system
Critical system
Mission-critical system
Languages EN & FR
* Request your direct contact
Relationship / Relation
Ticket direct link
Ticket email notification
Priority ticket handling and Escalation evaluation Assign Named Customer support team & Incident reporting follow-up Dedicated Customer project with a direct contact

Do you have any requests ?

Our goal is to satisfy all our customers. If a criterion is not met according to your service plan, we undertake to credit up to 100% of your next month with an official request by form.

If so, please complete the form below :

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