How do you manage employee scheduling?

Logiciel de gestion des horaires

With more employees, it can become a real headache to create a schedule that takes into account everyone’s availability and preferences.

But with a software that does 90% of the job for us, it’s much simpler. As team manager that translates into time savings while avoiding schedule conflicts and other potential oversights. In addition, the schedule is automatically updated in real time for all members of the team and is available everywhere at all times.

Here is a demonstration :

To illustrate, the schedule grid will allow you to:

  • Consult the schedule anytime, anywhere;
  • Visualize at a glance the schedule by employee or department;
  • Easily validate employee availability;
  • React quickly to unexpected events;
  • Automatically notify the team when a change needs to be made to the schedule;
  • And more…

Click here to see the final version of a simple schedule, interactive and accessible to all your team :

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