Profitable Sales

A performant cash flow, does it exists ?

Did you know that…

…82% of the entrepreneurs indicate they self-manage cash flows and financing in their business.

So knowing that the cash flow is one of the greatest entrepreneurial challenges, it appears essential to be technologically equipped to make your financial management and regardless of where you are. The Canada Development Bank also offers sound advice that you can refer to:

Analyze your profitability

Accelerate inflows

Get quick funds when needed


Are you ready to charge in 60 seconds?

With the billing software sales Profitable, you hold the keys to performance …Ventes Rentables

Time (and bills) is money … Here’s what our customers value most Profitable Sales: :

  • Invoice from anywhere, at any time, and do it quickly
  • Do follow ups effortlessly and get paid faster
  • Keep accurate inventory of products when you make a sale
  • Make informed decisions with our graphical reports

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