Simple Payroll

Payes simplifiés

Manage payroll with ease, is it possible?

Did you know that…

For most companies, payroll is the most important budget item. Payroll is the salary of your employees; so it must be accurate and ready on time. It is also governed by law and all companies must comply with the standards! Contributions, benefits … these evil words they give you a headache?

The pay day is not your favorite day?

The solution: Simple play

Are you ready to produce a payroll in 60 seconds?


Simple pay, more than just payroll software.boitier-paye-transp


With Simple Pay software, you hold the keys to performance …La paie simplifiée


  • Automated or manual pays
  • Management of the case by case simple and precise
  • Rapid production of year-end statements
  • Compatibility with effective project management software

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