Business Intelligence: Dashboards

business intelligence software

Make strategic and informed decisions thanks to the Business Intelligence module of the PHPReaction software.

  • Makes it easy to see your business data
  • Facilitates decision making

Has it ever happened that:

You do not know the scope of the daily tasks of your company

You are unable to make decisions quickly

You are the only individual who makes the decisions in your business

You waste too much time looking at loaded reports

The module helps you:

1 | Make strategic and lucrative investments.

PHPReaction dashboards offer analytics data specific to your business. Thanks to these tables, you will manage to plan good strategic and lucrative investments.


2 | Easily identify the actions to be taken.

With PHPReaction’s dashboards, you will be able to spot the weak points in your business and have the opportunity to make the necessary improvements in order to take it to the next level.


3 | Communicate effectively with your team.

PHPReaction’s dashboards allow you to share essential information within your company. Thus, you will succeed in mobilizing your employees and achieving better performance results.

Are you ready to upgrade your analytics system to take your business to the next level?

Benefits of PHPReaction Business Intelligence Module Dashboards:

They are adapted to the objectives of your company;

PHPReaction’s Business Intelligence module adapts to your goals to allow you to move towards success.

They allow you to see the state of your business at a glance

PHPReaction’s Business Intelligence module has been specially designed to simplify the presentation of the evolution of your business. In the blink of an eye, you will be able to assess the progress of your business, without the need to decipher unnecessarily complex data.

They make it easier for your teams to understand business data

Dashboards are easy to understand and can be interpreted by all your team members.

They promote decision-making based on real data

Dashboards bring all of your relevant business information together in one place. By making this data accessible to the individuals concerned, you will be able to make better decisions.

They allow you to maximize your investments

Dashboards show your business strengths and opportunities for improvement. This data will help you make better investment decisions.

They offer a critical look at your business

Dashboards will help you monitor the overall performance of your business in real time.

Thanks to PHPReaction’s Business Intelligence software, you will have the tools you need to reach new heights!

  • Karine Cotnoir
    Karine Cotnoir, Jeunes Entreprises de la Haute-Yamaska

    It's necessary to have a good organizational structure when growing. PHPReaction provided us with the shoes we needed to learn how to run!

  • Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay
    Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay, Les Artisans d'Azure

    My business could not have grown so quickly without the tools provided by PHPReaction.

  • Michèle Girard et Jean-Louis Choinière
    Michèle Girard et Jean-Louis Choinière, Les surgelés JLM

    They always respect the schedules that we agree on together.

The PHPReaction system can grow with your business by adding complementary software. Our project management software has affinities with the following software:


Thanks to the compatibility with the Efficient Project Management software, link your sales or your quotes to specific projects and centralize the information for maximum control.


Logiciel de gestion d’inventaire / stock: produits et services contrôlés

Thanks to the compatibility with the Efficient Project Management software, link your sales or your quotes to specific projects and centralize the information for maximum control.


Thanks to the compatibility with the Planned Purchasing supplier management software, quickly order what you need from your suppliers to satisfy your customers.

Do you want to centralize everything related to payments in one place?

By paying with Moneris’ cloud-based payment software, eliminate most manual intervention from your card payment process! Limit the potential for errors, save time, and get paid simply and easily!

Business Intelligence can also be accompanied by the complete PHPReaction suite to centralize each aspect of your business in one place.


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