ERP software – Perpetual inventory package

Logiciel erp – forfait inventaire permanent

Optimal tool for you!

This software called PHPReaction is a 3 in 1 tool that allows our
customers to maintain real-time inventory, complete actions of sale and purchase of
products in less than 60 seconds, allows you to keep better control and more
high security on your inventory data.

Three tools in one

PHPReaction software offers three important facets of good business management.

Permanent inventory package

Including the three software

(Sale & Purchase & Inventory)

$50 / month / users

$25 discount

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400$ / Years

You can unsubscribe from the package and hosting at any time

No contract is associated

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With PHPReaction you will...

save time

At PHPReaction, we have made it our mission to offer complete and detailed software while remaining the simplest for our customers. In the long term, saving time is very important.

Each action takes less than 1 minute to be performed on the software, which saves you a huge amount of data processing time.

save money

By doing business with PHPReaction, you’ll avoid common mistakes like:

  • Selling a product at a loss due to fluctuations in the cost price
  • Having to close your business to take inventory and having to buy specialized equipment to do so
  • Come face to face with the empty shelf of one of your star products
    All of these mistakes cost you a lot of money in the long run. PHPReaction is here to save all those losses.

Promote teamwork

With PHPReaction software, everyone can get their hands dirty. The software allows several people to work on the same tool without backup problems or data overwriting.

The software allows you to distribute roles and even set restrictions. This gives the chance at all levels to participate without having access to the company’s private information.

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In summary...

PHPReaction adapts

With PHPReaction you don’t need to buy new equipment. The software adapts to all your standard equipment. Our team adapts with your scanners, tablets, cell phones and computers.

Get reliable data

Unlike an accounting software, PHPReaction allows you to get reliable data in real time unlike an accountant who, once his bookkeeping is finished, gives the data.

hard as iron security

Backups are done every night and your data is stored on the most secure servers on the market.

Updated 3 times a week, 2 minor fixes & improvements and 1 major for new features.

Simple and easy to use

PHPReaction software is easy to use for all skill levels! You don’t have to be an information savvy in order to use the software. In addition, a free training series is available to you if needed.

Reliable automation

The PHPReaction software updates the inventory automatically and allows you to know its real value at all times.


By doing business with PHPReaction, you don’t need to worry about big method changes. The software is compatible with your current payment terminals (Moneris Partner) and adapts to all your barcode systems, etc.

Why migrate to PHPReaction

Many ask why migrate from a basic method like Excel, Acomba or simple paper to PHPReaction software.

Here are the reasons to move forward with PHPReaction:

The project is to take you to the next stage, the one where you have control and in
which you have access to all your sensitive data in real time.


  • Testimonial
    Karine Cotnoir, Jeunes Entreprises de la Haute-Yamaska

    It's necessary to have a good organizational structure when growing. PHPReaction provided us with the shoes we needed to learn how to run!

  • Testimonial
    Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay, Les Artisans d'Azure

    My business could not have grown so quickly without the tools provided by PHPReaction.

  • Testimonial
    Michèle Girard et Jean-Louis Choinière, Les surgelés JLM

    They always respect the schedules that we agree on together.

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