La gestion de projet pour succès de votre entreprise


The project management process is a challenge for many companies. That is why managers are always trying to increase the productivity of this sector. Is your company ready to optimize the management of its projects?


Our training helps companies plan their project management in order to perform at their maximum. You will learn the most useful management principles, project planning, evaluation methods and ways to deal with the unexpected.


Planning projects, producing products, and effectively tracking time and costs are the basis of good management. If the objectives are not achieved and deadlines are not respected, it is the company that suffers.

Training objectives

This training on project management aims to empower the user to apply precise and effective methods in production and project management. This training is extremely useful for the analysis of the project – before, during and after its execution – made by the manager and the employees. Indeed, the ERP system allows the traceability of the time spent on each project in addition to facilitating the management of multiple details. The user will see, through four main themes, how to effectively plan and monitor the management of his projects.


Training and practical exercises: 24h

Training approach

The training will be given on demand via a live webinar or at your premises, when it is possible to do so. To follow the training on project and production management, it is necessary to have previously followed the User 101 training. This training will be grouped under four main detailed themes:


1- Project management

This aspect goes through the standard project management processes, generated by a sale or a purchase. This allows the user to have an overview of the deadlines, the tasks to be carried out and all the details surrounding the logistics. This tool will also help the manager to analyze a post-mortem project effectively, both in terms of profitability and efficiency.


2- Task management

As each project generally includes several tasks, the integrated management system allows the breakdown and management of projects one task at a time. It also allows in-depth analysis of the different types of projects in which the company wishes to embark. We will see in more detail the management of priorities, the definition of tasks, the monitoring tools as well as the status of the tasks and the various stages. Finally, we will see how the integrated timesheet system and the working time management system work.


3- Time and deadline management

Project management, including task and time management, is an additional asset to overall management. Everything can be done in one place. Many reports can be generated to help the manager and his team in their tasks. These reports make it possible to evaluate projects accurately and efficiently, and to make the right decisions for the company.


4- Elements relating to project management: a driving force for the success of your business

Many functions are available and will be explained to you during this training. This will allow you to optimize the performance of your business and adapt the use of the platform for each user. You will be able, for example, to invoice a client for material used or for time spent on a project.

Lesson Plan

Project management

Feedback on project management training

  • Methodology
  • Example (manually)

Manual Standard Project Process (video)

  • Generated from a sale
  • Generated from purchase

Reinvoice a customer

  • Classification of projects (e.g. time and material, lump sum)
  • Ability to partially invoice with traceability

Effective management and “post-mortem” (project profitability)


Task management

Definition of tasks

  • Table of tasks ordered according to priorities and “deadlines”

Track task status, set milestones for the business


Assign a priority to tasks


Progress of project timesheets, by activity sector or, more precisely, by tasks.


Time and deadline management


Integrated timesheet system

  • Simple and precise punch system

Calculation of the time planned for the tasks compared to the evaluation of the initial project

time report

  • Relevant information found on this report
  • Different filters
  • Dates
  • Employees
  • State
  • Tasks
  • Products
  • Projects

Estimated time and deadlines (deadlines) assigned to a task





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