Software for small businesses : a set of tools fit for the big leagues

Which of these 6 factors could hold you back?

Success in business requires the ability to continuously improve processes.  In turn this is consolidated into a coherent whole through the development of standardized procedures to do things right all the time, throughout the operation.  Few businesses can claim to be excellent in all spheres.

And yet…  Unfortunately, since a business is an organic thing, failure to master one aspect of the venture – say, production, human resources, or inventory management – often has repercussions on the whole operation.

This is done patiently, on a daily basis.  Sprouting branches and reaching up, while at the same time building a network of roots in order to sustain that growth and to make sure it translates into increased profits

Running a small business means you need the right skills to manage…

A single glitch in one of these aspects of your business can throw the whole off balance.  As a manager you can’t let your guard down for too long.  It’s your job to be on top of things every day.


The secret is the team

You’re probably pretty good.

The best in your field.

And yet you can’t always be the best at everything.  Every entrepreneur has his/her strengths and weaknesses.  Raw talent and a darker side

One of the fundamental abilities to make it big is to attract the right people to complement these weaknesses

You need to give them the right tools

We’ve come a long way from the Abacus of old…  Step by step we have collectively come to a point where it has become inconceivable to operate a business without a computer-based accounting system.

The right people will help your business prosper.  But they need the right tools in order for their raw talent to convert into tangible results. That way they can work efficiently without squandering costly ressources.


Our software is tailored specifically to the needs of small businesses

ERP software used to be the undisputed province or big players such as Oracle or SAP.  Their solutions work very well.  For big businesses employing hundreds of staff.  Oh, and, needless to say, they probably cost the equivalent of a couple of years of your sales.

At the other end of the spectrum, you could probably go ahead and pick up an instant, do-it-all ERP solution on Internet for a very low price…  Unfortunately these tend not to accomplish very much.  So in very short order you’re back to square one.

PHPReaction offers all the basic functions you would typically find in bigger offerings, doing away with other functions that are useless in the context of a small business.  And because it has been developed since day 1 as a series of modules, it can grow with your business

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