How to manage our bill of materials?

Gérer produits composés

We constantly hear about how critical it is to a business’s success to be able to assess profitability and costs.
Unfortunately, very few people actually  manage to put this into practice because other priorities get in the way.  Most mangers are often too busy to take the time to do it.
Who wouldn’t want to automatically stay on top of the cost structure?
PHPCreation makes it easy. Just let PHPC’s software do it for you

In this video you will discover how to:
✓     Update your inventory inventory during the production of a composite item with its parts in a single click!
✓     Get a complete and accurate report of the cost of your bill of materials without extra effort!

No need to update your products one by one or make long calculations to determine costs..
Keep abreast of your products’ profitability and evolution!

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