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Gestion de projets

Did you find the most effective formula for your project management?

Good project management is the basis of any business that wishes to succeed!

Here’s several reasons why projects fail:

  • The project delivery date was not realistic;
  • Management of the job was not well defined;
  • The strategic vision had not been established;
  • The cost estimate and schedule did not reflect reality.

For managing your projects efficiently, consider setting targets S.M.A.R.T. :Gestion de projets

  • Specific: Objectives and tasks attached to it are clear; all team members understand and can refer to it.
  • Measurable: experts say: you cannot manage what you do not measure! You will measure, record and evaluate different parameters of your goals and what, throughout the project.
  • Suitable: You could also say “attainable” or “acceptable”. This will ensure that the actions are accepted by everyone and directed to the right person able to realize them.
  • Realistic: The goal should be an exciting challenge, but does not appear to be insurmountable! Know celebrate victories to supply the motivation!
  • Time: Time is money! Set specific times for achieving objectives, and follow up must be done at the right time.

On these advices, we wish you a good, effective and profitable project management!

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Gestion de projets


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