Planned Purchases

Achats Planifiés

An efficient cash flow, can you budget it?


After the effective projects and profitable sales, it’s time to address the last fundamental element of cash: the planned purchases. We now know that the management of sales and purchases in real time (cash flow) is essential to the success of your projects.

No product or service to sell, without the expense! Your company’s health depends on the importance you focus on your purchases management. To generate greater profit margin and reduce your expenses,

  • Preparing for the future
  • Get better prices
  • Sync with your inventory system
  • Track purchases related to the project
  • Know your fixed costs
  • To follow your variable costs
  • Investing in technology to simplify your life!

Demo: Make a purchase order in 60 seconds

With the management software Planned Purchases, you hold the keys to performance …

Generate your purchase orders will never have been so simple and organized.Les achats planifiés

  • Know all about your suppliers
  • Enjoy an elephant memory
  • Make informed decisions with our graphical reports

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